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Pandemic-friendly content fuels Newmarket natives' business

Friends since high school, the founders of Contact Studios are helping small businesses weather lockdowns by transitioning to digital commerce

With more people than ever working and studying from home, the time has rarely been more ripe for fresh, new content.

Contact Studios, a content and marketing studio founded by three Newmarket natives, is on a mission to address this need. Founded in 2019, Contact Studios was borne out of the desire by founders Tyler Fyfe, Connor Fyfe and Rob Hoffman to create “scroll-stopping” videos, images and words for content-hungry consumers and businesses alike.

“We aim to connect the right audiences with the right messages, and have our work cut through the clutter of the internet,” said Tyler Fyfe, Contact Studios’ chief content officer.

Frequent users of Facebook may have unwittingly viewed some of Content Studios’ work over the past few months. Their recent collaboration with Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, a Toronto-based infectious disease specialist, poetically explores the dark side of humanity during the COVID-19 crisis.

Based on Sharkawy’s viral Facebook post, which netted a staggering two million shares and 800,000 likes, the video illustrates Sharkawy’s fears with real-life instances of COVID-19 stockpiling, price gouging and violence.

“We came across Dr. Sharkawy’s post on Facebook and reached out to him to collaborate,” said Fyfe. “His message was deeply moving amid the chaos and uncertainty at the onset of the pandemic.”

In addition to their work with Sharkawy, Contact Studios has also produced content for Herb, a cannabis-centric media company, and Ronin Strength, an online fitness coaching collective. In 2014, Fyfe, Fyfe, and Hoffman also helped co-found The Plaid Zebra, a smash-hit “unconventional lifestyle” magazine. 

“Rob, Connor and I all grew up in Newmarket,” said Fyfe. “Connor and I have known Rob since we were in high school. So, our working together began much before Contact Studios.”

In 2021, Fyfe, Fyfe, and Hoffman are going back to their smaller-town roots.

Continuing their COVID-centric work, they’re hoping to help small businesses weather regional lockdowns by transitioning them to digital commerce. Local businesses interested in building their brand online can reach out to Contact Studios via their website ( for a free consultation. 

“The pandemic has put pressure on every sector that doesn’t do business online,” said Fyfe. “Retail shops and small businesses are being disproportionally affected. We want to help them get back on their feet.”

With the recent addition of SEO expert Mike Terry to the Contact Studios team, Fyfe is optimistic for the future of the Newmarket-born business.

“Fundamentally, people’s purchasing habits have been forever altered,” said Fyfe. “It’s made our services more relevant and important than ever.”