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OPINION: Great Cancellation pegged among top trends for 2023

How do you feel about cargo pants? Columnist Wendy King runs down the list of anticipated trends for the new year ahead
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It's a new year! What will be in store?

Years ago, that used to be an exciting question. Now? Not so much. It's more of a question asked with trepidation.

Do we really want to know? I thought I would search 'Trends of 2023' and see what exactly I will be no doubt avoiding, ignoring or not wearing.

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, the colour of the year is Viva Magenta — which is sort of a deep pinkish red.

So, that's most likely to be the dominant colour for new fashion, lip gloss, purses, and walls.

As for fashion, look for a return to cargo pants. Remember those trousers with pockets all over them? The new incarnation suggests there will be more interesting pocket placement. That sounds ominous. Where might that be? The buttocks? Ankle? Lower thigh? 

I can’t wait to see my silhouette with my pockets bulging with keys, glasses, cellphone, makeup, and wallet.

Handy? Maybe. 

Attractive? Highly doubtful.

Fashion designers are bringing back broad shoulders. I was a huge fan of the shoulder pad so bring it on!

According to Town and Country Magazine, watch for lots of denim — jeans, shirts, jackets. In fact, the whole cowboy look — a la Yellowstone — will be on point.

Clothing is being described as more comfortable. They must mean now that most people have returned to the office because there was nothing more comfortable than track suits, pyjamas, or no pants at all, at home.

When it comes to home décor, say goodbye and good riddance to grey. Colour is back. Paprika, marigold, you name it...

HGTV predicts a return to jewel tones as well as soothing greens and blues, floral wallpapers, the vintage look and also wicker furniture indoors and out.

As for back to work, it hasn’t really been a return to normal. There’s a divide between people who really like working remotely and those who prefer working around people.

Have you heard of quiet hiring? This is when organizations move current employees into new positions to avoid new hiring. We used to call that forcing current employees to do extra work you are not paid for.

Sometimes, it means hiring short-term contractors.

The idea is to prioritize the most crucial business functions at any given time, which could mean temporarily mixing up of roles of current workers.

A representative from Gartner’s Human Resources Group cites a recent example, when Qantas Airlines put executives to work in baggage claim to deal with a labour shortage.

People will be concerned about finances as we fear a recession.

There’s another trend known as 'The Great Cancellation' — meaning folks will cancel non-essential services. The first things to go are usually recreational. Expect to see a lot of cancellations for extra streaming services. People may dine out and order in less as we continue to pay more for groceries. Goodbye extras.

Speaking of food, Whole Foods Food Trends 2023 says organic food will still be popular, plant-based protein and non-milk milks.

Nostalgia will play a role, so get set for macaroni and cheese, pizza rolls, tomato and chicken noodle soups, and old-school cereals.

Here’s one that may be the most exciting of all.

The chocolate charcuterie board. What’s not to love?

Whether you consider yourself a trend-setter or a trend-rejector, it's entertaining to see what may be coming next.

So, shall we meet in someone’s cosy, vintage kitchen in our denim jackets and cargo pants, drink some soy milk and eat from our chocolate charcuterie board while worrying about our finances?

Sounds like a good plan.