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People's Party of Canada selects Newmarket-Aurora candidate

Canada Votes 2021: Richmond Hill-based accountant Lana Morgan said she feels it was her duty as a proud Canadian to join the election
2021-08-16-PPC candidate Lana Morgan-JQ
The People's Party of Canada has selected Lana Morgan as its Newmarket-Aurora candidate for the 2021 election.

Newmarket-Aurora People’s Party of Canada candidate Lana Morgan said she feels it was her duty as a proud Canadian to join the 2021 federal election.

The Richmond Hill-based accountant works as a director of finance with the Canadian Credit Union Association. But the first-time candidate said she was motivated to join the political sphere by the party’s platform of "accountability," "human rights" and "respect."

“I decided as a Canadian, it’s my duty to support a great party and make a little bit of a difference,” Morgan said. “I’ll do my best.”

Morgan said the party made her their nominee Aug. 14, after she went through an application process. She replaces Andrew McCaughtrie, who ran for the party in 2019. 

She said things are moving fast, but she has campaign events lined up throughout this week.

“It’s been a little quick, a little sudden. I was not expecting things to come as quickly,” Morgan said, adding she is going to be focusing on getting out to talk to people. “I like hearing what their problems are. I like hearing what their vision of the party is.”

Morgan is an immigrant to Canada, having lived here for the past 16 years. She said she was born in Germany, but grew up in Russia, before deciding to move for her Canadian husband. 

“We just met, and you know, I had to make a choice,” Morgan said.

Although she lives in Richmond Hill, Morgan said she has a great love for the Newmarket-Aurora area and visits regularly. She said the communities are closely tied together.

“I’m a great supporter of Newmarket-Aurora small businesses, restaurants,” Morgan said. “Great business owners, and I have very good discussions with them.” 

Morgan said she is heavily involved with her community, talking with neighbours about politics or helping others. She said she also is a great animal lover and has done fundraising for rescue cats.

On the trail, Morgan said the Liberals' snap election call is a significant issue, and forces parties to act swiftly. But she said though there is not as much time to build up a campaign, it is an opportunity. 

“It organizes you. It makes you think logically, strategically,” Morgan said. “Instead of dragging the campaign process, you just need to do it quickly.”