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Green Party picks Tim Flemming as Newmarket-Aurora candidate

Financial adviser switches ridings, rounds out Newmarket-Aurora race
2021-08-24-Tim Flemming Newmarket-Aurora-JQ
Newmarket-Aurora Green candidate Tim Flemming.

Newmarket-Aurora Green Party candidate Tim Flemming said he wanted to join the race because he believes every one of us can make a difference.

The party confirmed Flemming’s candidacy Aug. 20. The accountant and financial adviser and longtime community resident said it is not easy running in a campaign under a banner with little historical support in the riding. But he said it is important to advocate for his party’s causes and have a chance to hold others to account in a historically Liberal and Conservative-dominated riding.

“A successful breakthrough is, drive awareness in the community at large and at riding,” Flemming said. “You have to engage the folks. Come up and address the facts and hold people accountable.”

Flemming has never run in the riding but was a federal candidate for Greens in the neighbouring Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill in 2019, where he garnered four per cent of the vote. He said with Walter Bauer not running in Newmarket-Aurora again, he wanted to run here, where he has deep ties. He has lived in the area for most years since 1985.

“I’ve been very active and continue to be very active in the community,” he said. “I love the community. I love giving back to the folks, and I think it’s a great place to live.”

In addition to coaching sports teams and being a Cub and Scout leader, he said he has served on several non-profit boards. He currently serves on the boards for the York Region Children’s Aid Society, the Southlake Residential Care Village, as well as the committee for Community and Home Assistance to Seniors in Aurora. 

Flemming said he is a firm believer in the Green Party philosophy, particularly regarding climate improvement and economic reform relative to the other parties.

“I believe firmly that I can help, and with others, make a difference,” Flemming said.

Addressing the environment and the pandemic are critical issues, he said. He added poverty and affordable housing are also key issues in the riding, even with its relative affluence.

“The reality is there’s a large group, quite frankly, that needs our support,” he said. “We have to build the right solutions for the world of tomorrow.” 

He added Indigenous issues are also a key concern and that the lack of clean drinking water for many of their communities is unacceptable.

Flemming urged residents to familiarize themselves with the issues and get out to vote.

He said it is important to carry forward a message, even as a smaller party. 

“It’s nice to be elected to Ottawa,” Flemming said. “But the truism is we’re trying to move a positive agenda forward for folks.”