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Q&A with Newmarket-Aurora Candidates: Ontario Moderate Yuri Duboisky

NewmarketToday sent a series of questions to each of the candidates about a wide range of issues; here are the answers in their own words
2022 05 17 - Ontario Moderate Party leader - JQ
Newmarket-Aurora Ontario Moderate Party leader Yuri Duboisky.

NewmarketToday sent a series of questions to each of the candidates in the Newmarket-Aurora riding on a wide range of issues.

Candidates were provided the exact same questions, the same amount of time to respond and a limited word count for each question. None of the candidate's responses have been edited, only cut where word counts are broken. NewmarketToday will publish each response received by deadline.

Here is how Ontario Moderate Party candidate and leader Yuri Duboisky responded:

1. What do you want voters to know about you? (50-word limit)

We are the only political party promoting a return to healthy normal lifestyle.

2. What’s the most pressing issue in the 2022 provincial election campaign and why? (50-word limit)

Not to give liberals and conservatives majority in parliament. That would restrict their ability to make situation much worth.

3. What’s your party’s plan to address housing affordability? (200-word-limit)

To build industrial production distributed around the province. That would give financial resources for people to buy housing. Otherwise there is no way to outrun

To make it clear that if nothing would be done then in the long run the most productive workers would move out of country.

4. The Upper York sewage plant has remained unresolved at the provincial level for years, under both Liberal and Conservative governments. Municipalities have highlighted it is needed for upcoming growth and says it would have enough offsets for the environment, but critics are still concerned about watershed impact. What’s your position? How would your party handle this file? If elected, when would your party finally decide on this, one way or another? (150-word limit)

York region is growing extremely fast because Toronto can expend only in our direction. Yes, we need that sewage plant. Otherwise we would damage our water and Lake Simcoe.

5. What would your party do to address the continued issues in the long-term sector? What is your party’s stance on keeping, or removing, privatization there? (200-word limit)

It depends on situation. Privatization only works in situations where you have a competition between the businesses. Otherwise it will lead to the increased prices. Highway 407 is an example.

6. How would your party handle the ongoing challenge of COVID-19? What is your stance on re-implementing mask mandates or vaccination passports in the future, depending on pandemic trends? (150-word limit)

Respiratory illnesses always were and always will be. And always some people die from it. Do you want to live long? Change your lifestyle. We are against any Covid-19 restrictions.

7. With inflation rising and some struggling, what would your party do to make life more affordable? (150-word limit)

We are promoting direct connections between farmers and consumers without government in the middle and inspiring people to cook at home more. This is the only reasonable way to fight food inflation.

8. What is your position on the Bradford Bypass and Highway 413? (100-word limit)

Bradford Bypass and Highway 413 are necessity for the further development of York Region. The only question is the location of those highways.

9. What is one specific issue you would personally champion or private- members bill you would introduce, given the opportunity as an MPP? (100-word limit)

No response submitted.

10. What does your party’s campaign slogan mean to you? (50-word limit)

It is showing who we are:

Canada is not a prison!

We will never lock you down!

We will never let you down!