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VIDEO: Check out these chocolate 'Delights'

They're organic, free trade and hand painted

On this episode of What's Your Dish, we stop by Delight Chocolate and Ice Cream, which recently opened in the Market and Co. in the Upper Canada Mall, 17600 Yonge Street in Newmarket.

Co-owner Jeff Brown, takes behind the scenes to show the care and creative style used to paint their handmade treats. 

Their chocolate is singly sourced exclusively from Certified Organic Fair Trade farms in the Dominican Republic. It is then paired with the best organic cream from Harmony Organic in Ontario as well as other high-quality ingredients, such as Espresso from Alternative Grounds. The same high-quality milk and cream from grass-fed cows is the main ingredient in all of the small batch produced Ice Cream.

You can find out more at the Delight website.