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Skills Upgrading Centre helps adults develop new skills and create more opportunities!

Free customized and versatile training programs to help upgrade essential skills for work, education and life

The Skills Upgrading Centre provides opportunities! The adult learning centre offers customized training programs in a supportive environment designed to help people improve their employment prospects, prepare for higher education and acquire the skills they need to achieve a fulfilling future.

What programs can I take?

Executive Director Trisha Patrick says, “We help people improve their skills for employment by providing customized computer and soft skills training and job-specific training workshops, we assist adults in preparing for higher education including Gr. 12 equivalency GED, post-secondary entry and apprenticeship prep, and we help to develop essential reading, writing and math skills.”

Why choose the Skills Upgrading Centre?

Skills Upgrading Centre offers:

  • Continuous enrollment – online applications;
  • Flexible day and evening programs;
  • In-person and online training;
  • Customized assessments and training plans;
  • Supportive learning environment;
  • One-to-one tutoring;
  • Small class sizes;
  • Computer-assisted learning; and
  • Self-paced programs

The Skills Upgrading Centre has a tremendous impact on its students.

Patrick says, “Every day, we see the life-changing impact our skills upgrading programs have on adults in our communities. Improving lives through learning is not just our mantra but our belief that everyone at any age has the potential to learn. We are here to provide the learning pathway to improve the skills they need for a better job, a better education and a better life.

Student Cory lacked the necessary computer skills to get ahead. “Without this training program, I would have a much harder time obtaining employment. I will now be able to apply for positions that I otherwise wouldn't have qualified for prior to the training. The program gives me the skills and confidence I need to succeed.”

Ready to get started? Contact the Skills Upgrading Centre at 905-853-6279 or email or visit their website here.

Learn today for a successful tomorrow.