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Local safety equipment supplier uses e-commerce technology to serve the nation

Newmarket’s own International Safety supplies the country with essential PPE while staying firmly rooted in the community here at home.

When the team at International Safety decided to delve into the world of eCommerce more than 10 years ago, there was no way for them to know how important their pivot would eventually become. The company’s proprietary eCommerce platform has allowed them to provide first responders, businesses, and individuals with safety devices like N95 masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking the Leap into eCommerce

International Safety started making moves towards an online ordering system when paper catalogues became expensive and cumbersome. In 2011, they invested the money that they would have used for printing costs into a new digital catalogue. By 2017, the team had moved away from the catalogue-style of ordering to online shopping.

“We started to develop our eCommerce technology from scratch, which was very unusual for our kind of organization,” explains Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for International Safety. “Our website and online ordering platform is 100% unique and made in Ontario.”

These days, International Safety fulfills online orders from a variety of customers across Canada. Public and private fire departments, a wide range of businesses and business associations, as well as individuals and companies here in Newmarket all rely on International Safety for their PPE.

“The pandemic was a very big pivot for a lot of people. For us, it was just a continuous evolution of this technological journey that we were on,” says Austin.

Using Technology to Stay Ahead of the Game

Not only does International Safety’s focus on online technology make it easier for both nationwide and local customers to find them, but it also helps them to ensure that they have essential items in stock.

Austin explains, “Since we are so heavily exposed to eCommerce and Google trends, we have always been able to predict what items we need to have in stock. For example, as hand sanitizer and N95 masks were becoming highly sought-after at the beginning of the pandemic, we noticed an uptick in inquiries and online searches for these products. We were able to procure the items our customers needed and get shipments earlier than the rest of the market.”

National Reach but Still a Local Newmarket Business

Even though International Safety provides essential equipment to first responders, businesses, and individuals across the country, they still value their place as a local, family-run business here in Newmarket. The company offers free delivery in Newmarket and the surrounding communities without any need for a membership or minimum order.

“You could literally buy a box of Band-Aids off our website and we will bring it to your door. We regularly hear from delighted local customers at how quickly we delivered their items and how easy it is to use our eCommerce platform,” says Austin.

To learn more about International Safety and what they have to offer for local Newmarket businesses and individual customers, visit them online.