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Home safety tips: How to keep your safety devices reliable and working

The team at International Safety shares some important home safety tips for the winter months

Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors are all important devices in our homes that help to keep us safe. Most families rely on them to work when they are needed, but did you know that these essential home safety accessories need to be checked and replaced periodically, even if they haven’t been used?

“The new year is a good time for folks to look at their home safety and make sure everything is up to date and working well,” says Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for International Safety.

Checking Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the most common home safety device. In order to keep them in reliable working order, there are a few tasks that should be added to your schedule, including:

  • Every month – test your smoke detectors
  • Twice a year – change the batteries
  • Every two years – gently clean the entire unit with a damp cloth and/or vacuum.
  • Every ten years – Replace the entire unit. Make sure to check the expiration date as some models need to be replaced every five years.

When choosing the best replacement smoke detectors, there are a few things that you should look for. “Dual sensor technology that detects invisible fire particles as well as smoke are a safer choice,” says Austin. “Some people prefer models that include a silence or hush button for those accidental alarms that aren’t a fire hazard.”

Choosing the Right Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be replaced at least every 12 years. Some extinguishers are disposable, meaning that they need to be replaced after each use. Others are rechargeable, which means they should be taken to a certified recharge centre after they have been used.

“There should be a fire extinguisher on every level of your home or one extinguisher for every 600 square feet of living space,” says Austin. “Commercial grade fire extinguishers are only slightly more expensive than residential grade, but they are much more effective.”

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Another important device that every home should have, especially in the winter, is a carbon monoxide detector. These devices alert those inside the home of dangerous carbon monoxide levels, which can be deadly.

It is important to replace these detectors every six years, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Just like a fire detector, carbon monoxide detectors should also be tested regularly as well as fresh batteries installed.

“It is a good idea that folks check their carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries on the same schedule as their smoke detectors,” suggest Austin.

Overall, being prepared is as simple as scheduling routine checks and replacements of these important safety devices.

International Safety carries a wide range of products that can help support the safety of individuals and families, including home safety devices, first aid kits, and hand-held breathalysers. They also offer free delivery to any of their local customers, regardless of order size.

If you have questions about safety devices, you can easily contact the helpful team at International Safety through their “Need Help?” button on the bottom of their website.