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Dentists one up over the Covid battle

Since the pandemic, it is revealed that no cases of the Covid-19 virus have been linked to any dental clinic within Ontario
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Yesterday news was released about dentists giving dental care regardless of patient’s vaccination status. It was also revealed that dentists have a right to maintain the discretion of their employee’s vaccination status also. The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) stated this and set the record straight. Unfortunately, some people felt that they require to know if their dental hygienist for example has been vaccinated or not. This is probably due to some people still having some anxiety regarding Covid-19 pandemic and how it may continue to transmit. 

However, since the pandemic, it is revealed that no cases of the Covid-19 virus have been linked to any dental clinic within Ontario. This is primarily because the ODA highly recommended all dental clinic employees and dentists to get the vaccine once it was available in April. Therefore, since then, most dental workers have been fully vaccinated. Not only this but the ODA also set out numerous recommendations and guidelines for high safety standards in all clinics to keep Covid at bay. These guidelines kept staff and patients safe during the height of the pandemic, and since their operation, have allowed dental clinics to return to “normal” operation. 

Many professional dentists in North York for example have resumed practically all their dental services that were available since before the pandemic hit thanks to the new infection prevention standards and precautions put in place by the ODA. Along with these guidelines and the general advice to get vaccinated, a feeling of comfort is given to everyone involved that services could resume in a stress-free approach.  This has been a great advancement since the pandemic began especially as dental clinics restricted services to emergency dental care only during the height of the outbreak, as well as introducing virtual services. Since the vaccination drive began, the ODA highly advised dentists and clinic staff to get vaccinated to resume in-clinic visits to patients who could not see a dentist or postponed appointments. Considering dental care is seen as an equivalent as health care, protecting staff and patients have been top priority since the slow and phased reopening of dental services. 

Now however, dental clinics feel safe in resuming their services to existing patients as well as providing any care necessary to new patients. Trends in dental care have begun to re-emerge as well as children getting their check-ups for the new school year. 

It seems as that now, a trip to the dentist doesn’t need to be a stressful situation for anyone. The ODA has set a great standard to keep dentists and clinics safe from Covid, as well as bring ease to patients. Dental clinics have independently found ways to bring people back to the clinic since the pandemic by restoring previous treatments and making the appointment process easier than ever. Now is the time to see your dentist after the long break and it’s never been easier. You can even incorporate your dental appointment into a trip to the mall during the weekend or a check-up after work any day of the week. Don’t forget that oral health is a massive part of your overall health, and with the colder months fast approaching, putting your health first should be top priority.