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Are your first aid supplies up-to-date?

International Safety shares some helpful advice on keeping your first aid essentials current.

Whether you are coaching a sports team, working at a summer day camp, or stocking up your own personal safety gear, checking the expiration dates on the items in your first aid kits is important. According to Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for International Safety, first aid essentials often expire without us noticing.

“Even Band-Aids have expiration dates. The adhesives can break down and lose their stick. It is a good idea to check your first aid kits in the spring to see which items need to be refilled and which ones need to be replaced so you are prepared in case of an injury,” he says.

First Aid Essentials

Pre-stocked first aid kits include everything you might need to immediately treat an injury before you can get to health care provider. As the items get used over time or expire, they can be replenished without the need to purchase an entire kit. Make sure to check your existing kits to ensure that there are enough of the most commonly used items like adhesive bandages and antiseptic wipes.

There are a number of different types of first aid kits available. Choosing the right ones depends on the number of people who will be relying on the kit and the environment that you will be using it in. Smaller kits for one to five people are great for personal use. Stow one in the house, one in each vehicle, and one in your sports/recreation gear to be sure that you’re always covered.

Larger kits are also available for teams, kids’ activities, and workplaces. In some workplace environments, a specialized burn kit may be useful.

Stocking Up for Group Activities

In addition to the essential first aid items, groups like sports teams and summer camps should consider stocking up on a few extras. Instant hot packs, instant cold packs, and roll-up bags to keep track of multiple EpiPens are all useful for group activities.

International Safety works with another local Newmarket company, Dentec, to supply customized first aid kits stocked with exactly what your organization needs. There are even custom logo options available.

First Aid for Homes, Vehicles, and Camping

Stowing a first aid kit in your home, your vehicle, and with your camping equipment or in your RV is always a good idea. Specialized tick removal kits are available for camping and hiking. These kits include special antiseptic wipes, adhesive bandages, magnifier, tick remover, and instructions to help you safely remove all parts of the tick.

Shopping Local Has Perks

International Safety is a local Newmarket company that supplies first aid and other safety products for companies and individuals across the country. Even though their reach is wide, they still think of themselves as a community business.

“We offer free delivery in the local Newmarket area for orders of any size,” says Austin. “We really love it when we can drop off someone’s order who lives in the community. If the items are in stock, we usually get it to our local customers on the same day.”

For more information about first aid kits or other safety products, visit International Safety online.