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York Curling Club takin' it to the streets (7 photos)

A synthetic ice surface and rocks on casters brings curling out of the rink

York Curling Club is takin' it to the streets.

The local club hosted street curling at Market Brewing Co. in Newmarket Saturday, Aug. 24, offering those both new to the sport and the experienced an opportunity to try curling on a synthetic ice (polymer) surface with rocks that ride on casters.

The name street curling can  be a misnomer as it is often played indoors, as it was Saturday.

York Curling Club Manager Jack Inouye said that the street curling set-up belongs to the Ontario Curling Association, which loans it out to local curling clubs to promote the sport of curling. 

York Curling Club pros were on hand to help at the "rink", which is small enough to set up in a bar.