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Victim's husband calls for stricter penalties in pedestrian fatality

“What, like a fine? Demerits? It’s nice to know a life was worth that much,” says Kevin Carre following a charge of fail to yield to a pedestrian that police laid against a 71-year-old East Gwillimbury man this week
Cheryl and Kevin Carre. Submitted photo

The husband of a Bradford West Gwillimbury woman killed after a hit-and-run last fall said a man charged this week in the incident is “not being held accountable enough.”

A 71-year-old East Gwillimbury man, the name of whom police are not releasing, was charged on Tuesday with fail to yield to a pedestrian.

Cheryl Carre, 40, was struck and killed while crossing the street at Holland Street West and West Park Avenue.

“(The charge is) something, but not only does it not bring her back, it doesn’t come with the criminal charge (for her death). Jail time should be involved,” said Kevin Carre. “We still don’t know the ‘Why?’ and, frankly, in my opinion, he’s not being held accountable enough. He should have his licence permanently revoked.”

When asked if South Simcoe police expect to lay any additional criminal charges in relation to Cheryl Carre’s death, corporate communications specialist Sue Sgambati said “the evidence has led investigators to this outcome.”

She declined to comment further about Carre’s concerns.

Penalties for drivers who endanger pedestrians increased Sept. 1, 2018, to include higher fines (from $500 to $1,000), and more demerit points (from three to four) for drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians at crossovers, school crossings, and crosswalks with a school crossing guard present, she said.

As well, there are new penalties for drivers who are convicted of careless driving causing death or bodily harm, although Sgambati did not confirm what those are.

“To me… what, like a fine? Demerits? It’s nice to know a life was worth that much,” Carre said. “All I can do is hope he absolutely gets the maximum for everything.”

The investigation into the Oct. 27 incident involved an examination of vehicles by the Centre of Forensic Sciences, numerous witness interviews, the execution of five search warrants and the viewing of hours and hours of security camera footage from multiple locations, said police.

In the chaos of the crash, Carre said his and his wife’s weddings rings were possibly lost — she was holding onto his for resizing — but they have since been recovered.

“I still miss her. I went through Christmas, New Year’s Eve, what should have been her birthday, Valentine’s Day… It’s been a pretty shitty last few months,” he said. “She was someone that was good for everyone. The world’s now a little bit darker.”

Carre said it is difficult for him to be near the area of Holland Street and West Park, where his wife was hit.

“That area feels like it’s got a permanent bad vibe to it,” he said.



Jenni Dunning

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