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These little piggies won't go 'wee wee wee all the way home'

An elusive group of pigs on the loose are causing quite the spectacle in the Holland Marsh

A couple living on Canal Road in Bradford West Gwillimbury have a mess on their hands after a handful of pigs mysteriously appeared on their property this week, destroying their front lawn. 

It was Sunday morning when Norman and Jean Cole first noticed seven pigs digging up their grass and eating from their compost bin.  

They have lived in the rural home in Bradford for 30 years and say they have never experienced anything like this.

"I've driven up and down this road (many times), and I've never seen a pig anywhere," said Norman. 

They called animal control that was out with nets Wednesday afternoon trying to catch the elusive pigs but they were nowhere to be found. 

The couple says they don't know where the pigs came from and so far, no one has claimed them. 

The pigs have been visiting on and off throughout the week but mostly come in the early morning to eat the apples fallen from their apple tree.  

"And they aren't afraid of you," Jean said. 

"You can't tell when they're going to show up," added Norman, who says he tried everything to get the pigs off his property, including chasing them with a lawnmower, but "they won't go away." 

"They caused me to lose my dignity," joked Norman. 

The pigs have caused quite a spectacle with neighbours and bylaw staff, even Mayor Rob Keffer stopped by Wednesday to see the damage the pigs had caused. 

"It was quite evident how much rooting around the pigs have done," he said. "This is a reminder we still live in a rural community."

On Thursday evening, a trap was set up by animal control, hoping to contain the pigs. 

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