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The show is over, Newmarket's celebrity duck safely captured, back at the farm (8 photos)

After several weeks of freedom on Fairy Lake and nearby waterways, and multiple failed rescue attempts, Eddie the mandarin duck was successfully retrieved by members of Toronto Wildlife Services today

Newmarket's newest celebrity, Eddie the mandarin duck, is back at home after being successfully retrieved by members of Toronto Wildlife Services today.

The escaped domestic duck has been living with wild ducks at Fairy Lake and ponds around Newmarket after escaping from a local rescue farm more than three weeks ago. Eddie became a kind of celebrity over the past week after local birders spotted him and word spread about such a rare and beautiful duck out in the wild.

Hundreds of avid birders and residents of Newmarket and other communities came out to Fairy Lake in the hopes of seeing the handsome duck and snapping his photograph.

His owner, Tracey Harpley, has been trying to retrieve him from Fairy Lake since he was spotted after his escape. It was a task that was made difficult by the number of people who had flocked to see Eddie.

After many attempts to lure him into houses or his crate from home with food, a group of volunteers from Toronto Wildlife managed to catch him in a net on the water. 

He was quickly placed in his crate and covered with a blanket to reduce stress and to be taken home to the farm. 

Harpley was not available for comment after the rescue. 

A female that may also be a mandarin duck, or possibly a native wood duck, has not been seen for the past few days and was not captured on Wednesday.  

Although Eddie's admiring public often hindered efforts to catch him, many people also offered their time and equipment in the effort to bring him home.