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Take a look at the first 'horned' eclipse sunrise in 63 years (4 photos)

Local photographer William Herrera captures this morning's rare eclipse

If you got up nice and early this morning, you may have seen the first eclipsed — or horned — in 63 years.

The celestial event started as a horned sunrise over Canada and will end with a ring of fire eclipse over Siberia.

Olathe MacIntyre, a scientist at Science North, was pretty excited about this nearly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for astronomical magic.

She said the eclipsed sunrise makes it appear as if the top of the sun has a bite taken out of it.

Interest is pretty high for this unique event. MacIntyre said the New York Times reached out to her for an interview. 

As a note, keep in mind that you should never look directly at an eclipse. If you have welders goggles or special eclipse glasses (or similar lenses for a camera), you can use those. 

— With files from Mark Gentile