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Stormwater charge moving to your Newmarket hydro bill

The change was made after feedback from residents indicated the town should streamline the collection process
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Beginning December 2020, Newmarket residents will see the 2020 stormwater charge collected as a line item on their Newmarket hydro bill in December 2020, January 2021, February 2021 and March 2021. The stormwater charge is not a new charge. It was introduced in 2017, and was previously collected with property taxes.
“Towns and cities around the world are trying to react to the pressing need to address climate change and its effects,” says Mayor John Taylor. “With more stormwater runoff flowing into our lakes, rivers and streams, it’s important that we continue to invest in stormwater management so we can reduce the negative effects stormwater has on the environment and to lower the risk of flooding that can damage your property.”
The shift to collecting the stormwater charge on the Newmarket hydro bill was made after hearing feedback from residents on their desire to streamline the collection process. Collecting the stormwater charge on the Newmarket hydro bill would keep all water-related charges on one bill, provide transparency on the charge, and ease of payment for residents.
For the 2020 stormwater charge, the average single-detached residential home will pay approximately $13.58 per instalment, the average semi-detached and townhome will pay approximately $5.80 per instalment and the average high-rise condo unit will pay approximately $4.35 per instalment.
Properties that do not have a Newmarket hydro utility account will be billed the stormwater charge on their 2021 interim property tax bill.

The 2021 stormwater charge will be collected on the Newmarket hydro bill with the July, August, September and October 2021 bills.
Learn more about the stormwater charge by watching an informational video or visiting
What is stormwater and why is stormwater management important?
Stormwater is the rain and melted snow that flows from your property, onto the street and into the storm drains. Along the way, stormwater picks up debris, chemicals and other pollutants from rooftops and paved surfaces that can upset the water quality of our lakes and rivers. Stormwater management is essential to Newmarket. It reduces the negative effects of stormwater and lowers the risk of flooding that can damage your property and the environment. Today, there is more stormwater than ever before due to climate change and the growing population in Newmarket.
The stormwater charge will be used to fund stormwater management initiatives like low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure to minimize the negative impacts of stormwater runoff.
Learn how the town is managing its stormwater through low impact development and green infrastructure by visiting