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Pigs on the loose in Bradford likely invasive species

Ministry of Natural Resources has been called to assist with corralling the pigs that have been wreaking havoc
Pig trap BT (1)
The trap has been deployed by animal control in hopes of catching the pigs.

A group of pigs that have been roaming around the Canal Road area in Bradford West Gwillimbury are still on the loose. 

On Thursday night, animal control set up a fenced trap on Norman and Jean Calder's Canal Road property, after the pigs wreaked havoc on their lawn earlier this week, rooting with their snouts and tipping over their compost bin. 

As of Friday afternoon, the pigs had not yet been contained. 

"We have yet to receive any lost livestock reports and an owner has not come forward," said Victoria Simoes, community relations officer for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. "We believe these to be invasive pigs, and have therefore called upon the Ministry of Natural Resources to corral and confine the animals humanely.

"The Province of Ontario has regulations in place to address invasive pig populations, in an effort to prevent breeding in the wild and damage to property and crops. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has also been informed."

Fencing and cameras have been set up to track in an effort to contain the herd. 




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