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PETA slams 'animal-endangering' fireworks ahead of Canada Day

'PETA encourages everyone to dance, cheer, and celebrate however they see fit as long as the festivities leave animals in peace,' says animal rights organization president
Stock photo | Pexels

An animal rights group is urging people to keep fireworks out of their Canada Day celebrations after a spooked dog was hit by a car last year.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) issued a news release with “a plea from Battlestar Galactica actor Edward James Olmos before Canada Day: Ditch the noisy, animal-endangering pyrotechnics.”

In September 2021, an elderly dog, spooked by fireworks, got out of his fenced-in yard in Warminster and was hit by a car, PETA stated, adding he was euthanized as a result.

“The booms and blasts of fireworks can drive terrified dogs away from their guardians and scare wildlife out of their nests,” said PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. “PETA encourages everyone to dance, cheer, and celebrate however they see fit as long as the festivities leave animals in peace.”

The organization provided the following tips for people to protect their pets when fireworks are being set off:

  • Keep cats and dogs indoors. Never leave animals tethered or chained outside — they can hang themselves if they leap over a fence while trying to run from the noise. Animals can also injure themselves while trying to climb out of pens.
  • Never take animals with you to watch fireworks displays. If you know in advance that there will be fireworks in your area, stay home with your animals and try to keep them calm.
  • Close your windows and curtains. To help drown out the sounds, turn on fans and air-conditioning units as well as the TV or a radio that’s tuned to a classical music station.
  • Purchase a ThunderShirt, which can help your dog or cat cope with the stress of the fireworks. Other ways to keep animals calm include playing specially designed music from iCalmPet and giving them a natural supplement called melatonin, which is available at your local health food store. (Consult your veterinarian first.)
  • Make sure that your animal companion is microchipped and wearing a collar or a harness with an up-to-date identification tag, just in case.
  • If it’s cool enough outside, take dogs for a long walk or a romp in the dog park before fireworks start in order to help tire them out.
  • If you witness someone setting off illegal fireworks, call the authorities right away.

PETA noted fireworks can have a negative effect on veterans, too, and people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.