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Next week recognizes paramedics for their 'tireless work, dedication'

Paramedic Services Week takes place May 23 to 29
2019 10 16 New paramedic station stretcher DK
York Region Paramedic Services lead paramedic Alex Lam and supervisor Natalie Kedzierski demonstrate how a stretcher is transferred into an ambulance in this file photo. Debora Kelly/NewmarketToday

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the important role paramedic services play in keeping communities across Ontario safe and healthy has never been more apparent.

Paramedic Services Week 2021, which takes place from May 23 to 29, is an opportunity to recognize the tireless work and dedication of paramedics. As health-care professionals, paramedic services use techniques and processes that are based on best practice and research. This year’s Paramedic Services Week theme is ‘Paramedic as Educator – Citizen Ready.’

The idea is to educate members of the public on some of the actions they can take before and during an emergency to help paramedics do their job more efficiently and effectively. When members of the public know what simple steps to take, it can make a real difference. To help with this education drive, each day of Paramedic Services Week 2021 will have a specific focus.

“As we continue to work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, paramedics are playing a vital role in a number of settings,” said Chief Peter Dundas, president of the OAPC.

“They have had to adapt and take on new responsibilities. They are still saving lives as first responders, and they are also on the frontlines of testing and vaccination efforts. I’m very proud of how paramedics across Ontario have responded to these demands and of the work they’re doing in long-term care homes, retirement homes, and assessment and vaccine centres. Paramedic Services Week 2021 is a chance for us to thank them and to recognize their unwavering commitment. It is also a chance to educate members of the public on some simple steps they can take to help before paramedics arrive. These actions can make a real difference.”

Join us this week in raising awareness of the enormous contribution of paramedics in maintaining safe and healthy communities.

For more details of how Ontario’s paramedics are responding during COVID-19, visit