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Newmarket Olympian Gabby Daleman to compete for Miss World Canada title

'Still in complete disbelief, this is such a huge honour,' says hometown figure skater after winning the Ontario contest

Newmarket’s own Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater Gabrielle (Gabby) Daleman will step into a different realm this fall to compete for a title that means the world to her.

Fresh off a win in the Miss Ontario World 2020 contest this past weekend, Daleman will compete as a finalist for the November Miss World Canada 2020 title.

“Still in complete disbelief, I can’t believe I’m going to Miss World Canada nationals,” Daleman said in a July 20 social media post. “This is such a huge honour and I wouldn’t be here without my amazing team.”

In the weeks leading up to the Ontario competition, Daleman shared with her tens of thousands of followers on social media that she entered the contest to be “an even bigger inspiration and role model”.

“I wouldn’t be where or who I am without you guys, and I entered Miss World Canada because I want to make a change, make a difference, help people, and to be there for people and to give back to all of you!” she said.

“I want this so bad because I want to make a change and I want to help people, and I just love giving back, and I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys, so thank you so much for all your love and support,” Daleman said. “I want to be there for all of you and want everyone to know you always have someone in your corner who believes in you and will always be there for you.”

Daleman is a strong voice and advocate for mental health and has shared her own challenges with her fans and followers over the past year. She has spoken out about bullying and her eating disorders, along with supporting others in their journey to wellness.

“Mental health is often misunderstood, especially by those that haven’t suffered from it,” Daleman wrote in a May 5 social media post. “Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. Let’s be more empathetic and supportive of one another, especially in these stressful times.”

Daleman first laced up her skates when she was three years old. A self-described active child with an abundance of energy, Daleman also soon began gymnastics and took dance lessons.

“When I was eight, I was watching the Olympics on TV and saw Joannie Rochette skate and that is when I knew I wanted to go to the Olympics and compete for Canada,” Daleman shared in an Instagram post.

By the time she was 10, her skating coach helped her learn all the jumps, and at 13 years old, she won the junior national championships. A few months later, Daleman competed internationally for Canada on the Junior Grand Prix circuit, and travelled to many different countries.

The young figure skater went on to earn a spot on the Canadian Olympic Figure Skating team when she was just 16, and competed in her second Olympics when she was 20. 

Daleman’s other athletic accomplishments include being a 2018 Olympic gold medallist in the team event, 2017 World bronze medallist, 2017 Four Continents silver medallist, 2014 CS Autumn Classic champion, and two-time Canadian national champion.

Kim Champion

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