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LETTER: Keep up the good work, Newmarket

Some people have complaints about our town, but Newmarket is still a caring and involved community, letter writer says
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No matter what, people will have complaints about their town or community and Newmarket is no stranger to this.

However, I still believe that ours is a caring and involved community.

This is proven to me on a daily basis, on so many levels and today (June 5) is no exception.

My daughter was across from the Dixon Medical Centre waiting for a ride when an elderly gentleman had a fall in the driveway of the centre.

She rushed over to help, as did a few others. A few people even pulled their cars over and got out to assist.

My daughter and another person, an off-duty police officer, seeing that the gentleman was weak and disoriented, assisted the man into the centre, called 9-1-1 and stayed with him until the police and ambulance arrived.

Luckily, the gentleman’s daughter turned up in a panic, searching for her father, and the gentleman was assessed and assisted properly.

So, today is no different in our community. Numerous people stopped their busy lives and helped someone.

Keep up the good work, Newmarket.

Valerie Syratt Luttrell, Newmarket