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LETTER: Community angels, step up and take a bow

A small-scale, free loan program of wheelchairs and walkers to those in need has grown to include a stock of 20. The group organizer gives a shout-out to the many people in Newmarket who are helping to make the program a success.
20181026 walkers wheelchairs
Free loans of wheelchairs and walkers are available to those in need in Newmarket.

I would like to bring to your readers' attention the incredible generosity that has been displayed by many people within our community toward a project in which I am involved. I believe it would only be fitting to describe these individuals as community angels.

I have been involved for the last four-plus years in an outreach program that provides for the free loan of wheelchairs and walkers to those who are in need, whether it be on a long-term basis or just for short term.

The program initially started on a small scale with the purchase of three wheelchairs and three walkers at various garage sales around town. It has now evolved into a program with over 20 chairs and 20 walkers put to use out there in the community.

This amazing expansion of our inventory and services has come about because of the generosity of these community angels, who have stepped forward to donate wheelchairs and walkers to our cause, fully understanding that the service we are providing is free of any associated charge and is helping those in need directly. 

With this rapid growth over the years, there have been stresses to our services, whether it be the pickup and delivery service we provide or the storage of the equipment that we take in. These issues have been relieved, for the most part, by the generosity of our community angels.

We are at the point where we are being offered transfer poles, hospital beds and even stair-gliders for our loan program by these ‘angels’. At this point, we are still working on our storage issue, particularly to hold larger items, but I have little doubt that some community angel will step forward to solve even that thorny issue.

I want to thank NewmarketToday for giving me the opportunity to express my thanks and admiration to all those who have contributed to the growth of this incredible service.

So many have stepped forward to help in this community without any thought to light being shone upon them and I wanted, if only for a second, to shine a bright light upon these individuals' efforts and tell them just how much their generosity has helped so many who had a need and were absolutely thrilled to find that need fulfilled by their efforts.

There are too many of you out there to name individually, but you know who you are.

You are so appreciated! Thank you.

Richard MacLeod, Newmarket