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Donors needed with less than 5 days' supply of many blood types

There is less than three days' supply of both O- and O+ blood
Canadian Blood Services production and distribution site in Burnside.

There is an urgent need for blood donors throughout Canada as the national supply of blood has fallen below five days for a number of blood types.

Inventory levels are tracked on the Canadian Blood Services website. There is a six-day supply of B+ blood, a five-day supply of A+, A- and B- blood, and a three-day supply of both O- and O+ blood. These blood types are especially needed when the supply level dips below eight days, the website notes.

In a post on Facebook, Canadian Blood Services said there is an immediate need for donors.

“Thanks to the support of donors across the country, we are one of few blood operators around the world that has not experienced a blood crisis or issued a national appeal during the pandemic. To maintain an optimal blood product inventory, it’s critical that our call for donors breaks through the compassion fatigue many people are feeling as we recover from the pandemic,” it said.

However, in response to this, some social media users said rather than fatigue keeping them away, it was the change in masking policies. As of July 25, masking is now optional at blood donor clinics. Many people said because of this, they no longer felt comfortable donating.

Along with this, summer plans mean people have less availability to donate.

At the end of July, there were 57,000 open appointments that needed to be filled by the end of August in order to replenish the blood inventory.

There are a number of upcoming clinics in Newmarket and the surrounding area before the end of August:

  • Canadian Blood Services at 9350 Yonge St. in Richmond Hill. Appointments available regularly, as early as Aug. 5.
  • The Church of St. Patrick at 5633 Highway 7 in Markham. Appointments available Aug. 5.
  • Newmarket Legion Hall at 707 Srigley St. in Newmarket. Appointments available Aug. 12.
  • St. John’s Presbyterian Church at 2940 10th Sideroad in Bradford. Appointments available Aug. 23.

Appointments can be booked online.

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