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LETTERS: Residents speak out in favour of train whistles

The debate around train whistle cessation continues to be a hot topic, with these two readers expressing support for the iconic sound in Newmarket
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Re: Letters to the editor, Newmarket council more concerned about liability than residents' well-being, May 9, 2022; It would be a nightmare to hear train whistles blasting all day, May 6, 2022.

I have just been reading the letters to the editor and articles about train whistle cessation. Many people, when thinking about becoming permanent residents of Newmarket, are aware of the trains and their whistles either through their realtors, friends, work associates or simply by being in town when they had the opportunity to hear the whistle. It is one of the unique, enjoyable things in Newmarket.

I do not understand why people make a decision to be part of something with an open mind and knowledge and then want to change things.

I enjoy the trains and their sounds, as well as knowing the whistles are a safety factor.

Not everything needs to be changed.

Carol Norris, Newmarket


The train whistle is a Canadian treasure.

We have lived within sight of the train and the sound of its whistle for 43 years now. Never once has it disturbed us.

In fact, removal of the whistle would take a familiar and predictable sound away from us. Once, our children and now our small grandchildren fill with excitement each time the train passes. It’s beautiful to see their joy.

We are Canadian. The railway, with its trains and blowing whistles unite us as a country.

There are far too many sounds in this world now, that are worth getting upset about. The whistle of a train, to me, is not one of them

Maria Kuin, Newmarket