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LETTER: Strategic voting may be only way to halt Ford majority

Letter writer makes 11th-hour 'cry for sanity' to encourage NDP, Liberals 'to cooperate in a way that would benefit all citizens of Ontario'
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I am not particularly politically astute, and in some ways expect I am distinctly naive.

As the polls wash over me, with their torrent of bad news forecasting Conservative Leader Doug Ford coasting arrogantly and complacently to another majority, I find myself indulging a fantasy around collaboration. In it NDP Leader Andrea Horvath and Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca sit down and look at the map of ridings and honestly consider the best way to prevent a majority of seats going to Ford.

At this point a minority government would be great news. This would require a level of integrity and political will to cooperate in a way that would benefit all citizens of Ontario AND would be at the expense of many particular candidates in the short term. 

I expect the “strategic” candidate would be different in different ridings, so not only one party would take the hit.

This meeting/agreement would be followed by a recommendation going out to supporters in specific ridings encouraging strategic voting in this election, for the sake of our environment, health care, education, those in poverty and those experiencing homelessness, and many others. There is huge impact on the future for our children and grandchildren.

I am sure that many strong party supporters would not be willing to “compromise” in this way. But I believe many would, if the leaders have enough vision to pursue an alternate path, that of a lesser evil necessitated by the dire straights in which we find ourselves. 

It is Monday as I write this, many have already voted, Election Day is Thursday, pretty much 11th hour. I am likely not the only person with this thought, it would be encouraging and hopeful if such conversations are already underway in some back rooms somewhere.

I am ignorant of where to direct this cry for sanity, to add my voice to any consideration that may be possible.

Please forward, tweak, suggest… whatever occurs to you, if you resonate with the above.

With concern and consternation,

Anne Keith, Newmarket