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LETTER: Stop the nightly racetrack on Yonge in Newmarket

This summer has been a nightmare every single night with the noise of the motorcyclists racing up and down Yonge, says letter writer
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This summer and now into the fall has been a nightmare living on Yonge Street in Newmarket because from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. every single night, the noise of the motorcyclists racing up and down the street, non stop, is deafening.

It is impossible to leave windows open for air. It is impossible to get to sleep, even with the windows closed, and it is dangerous to pedestrians and sane drivers.

It is like they are racing to see if they can get through every intersection before any light turns red. It has become a drag strip ... I don't believe they are going anywhere, just racing back and forth with no regard for anyone else.

And why the region allows a 60 km/h speed limit on such a busy street boggles the mind. Even if I drive between 65 and 69 km/h, I have drivers right on top of me and passing like I'm standing still. Even the Viva buses are driving over 70 km/h.

PLEASE, reduce the speed limit to 50 km/h; educate people on how to use "legal" U-turns and 'only' legal U-turns; how to stop at red lights and stop signs, 'behind' the white line, not in the middle of the intersection.

I am sure the York Regional Police coffers would swell quickly if there were speed traps set up on Yonge, north of Mulock Drive. And we would all get more sleep and SAVE LIVES.

L Steele, Newmarket