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LETTER: NHL ticket surcharge solution to supporting women's hockey

The NHL could put its money where its mouth is for a professional women's hockey league, letter writer says
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Re: Could the death of the CWHL mark the beginning of a new era of women's hockey?

In response to the article about the NHL helping women's professional hockey, my proposal is that the NHL introduce a $1 surcharge on each ticket ($22 million/year).

There are five current professional female hockey teams with approximately 25 players each.

This would result in $176,000 per female player. Their maximum salary per their contracts is $100,000/player.

As a result, each player would have the maximum available (or more teams could be created) with $76,000/player available for travel, accommodation, equipment, support personnel and administration.

This, of course, would flow directly to our GDP.

Peter Cozzi, Newmarket