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LETTER: Liberals' green energy contracts to blame for rising electricity costs

Nuclear energy didn't cause Ontario's electricity to be among the most expensive in North America, letter writer says
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When I read self serving, biased, and incorrect opinions such as the one posted on November 13,2019 by Angela Bischoff, director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance, it is frustrating to say the least.
I read the factual response sent to you by Taylor McKenna and would like to add the following with regards to what is "at the heart of the rising electricity rates", as stated by Angela Bischoff.
What is at the heart of the rising electricity rates and has taken Ontario from the cheapest electricity in North America to the among the most expensive are the Green Energy contracts signed by the previous Liberal governments.These contracts have forced the ratepayers of Ontario to pay significantly higher rates for electricity to subsidize the construction of wind and solar energy installations.
It is that simple.
Mark Waghorne, Bobcaygeon, ON