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LETTER: Liberal Party platform looks toward the future

Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca's idea of $1 transit fare would be a game-changer, says letter writer
Lehman BSOM 5 2022-02-24
Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca.

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I hope NewmarketToday will give a very worthy candidate the coverage he deserves. Dr. Sylvain Roy is not a career politician. He is a young progressive and very concerned person, who would work hard to address the issues you have written about in NewmarketToday: paving over the Greenbelt, removing environmental oversight, growing homelessness, something he has been working diligently on for years, along with addiction and mental health.

The Liberal plan to reduce gridlock by reducing transit fares to $1 and greatly increasing access would make an enormous difference to those who commute to downtown. Sylvain's dedication to increasing access to support for those with disabilities is a heartfelt mission. 

You can read the Liberal platform on the environment that is specific and costed. It is available and really excellent. In fact, the whole Liberal platform is very progressive, looking toward the future instead of trying to pretend we can live in the past. It offers opportunity for excellent and secure job creation because it is forward looking.

The Ford government cancelled 750 green energy projects as soon as Doug Ford was elected. This cost taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. He fought environmental protection and legislation meant to reduce carbon and lost every time. Again, costing Ontarians millions.

A Liberal government would work with the federal government to bring Ontario back to the leader on climate change action that it was under the Liberals, not perfect, but still a leader. Instead, Ford has fought against all progressive plans in court, losing every time.

I am writing as a resident of Newmarket and not under any banner, or member of a group.

This is simply my personal opinion based on research I've conducted and reading through many reports on both the Ford government and the previous Liberal governments. Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca was minister of transport under Kathleen Wynne, so he knows this file, and his idea of $1 a ride would be a game-changer, when coupled with increased access to GO, electrified buses, etc. (GO would also be $1.)

Sadly, in the recent debate, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath went after the Liberal leader, and let Ford off almost scot free. So where are her priorities? She helped get Ford elected last time by doing the same thing.

The past Liberal government has in many ways, a record to be proud of. Not perfect, but definitely working for the people of Ontario, on the environment, education, wage fairness, and many other pieces of legislation that worked for the average citizen that they have never been given credit for, instead of cozying up to their cronies like Ford.

 Fran Bazos, Newmarket