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Ontario confirms 401 more COVID-19 cases this morning

Another case is confirmed in Newmarket today
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Ontario is reporting another 401 confirmed cases of COVID-19 this morning, bringing the provincial total to 2,793 lab-confirmed cases.

There are now 405 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, and 167 are in intensive care units, 112 are on ventilators, and at least 53 have died from the virus, although numbers reported from public health units suggest that is a conservative estimate. Deaths in non-laboratory confirmed cases are not reported.

In a situation such as the one at Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bobcaygeon, 14 residents have died with symptoms of the virus, but not all were tested for COVID-19.

York Region is reporting 11 additional cases in its update for April 2, bringing the total number of cases to 336.  Newmarket has one more confirmed case, bringing its total to 19 cases. Additional cases are also confirmed in Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan.

According to the provincial report this morning there are 186 people aged over 80 confirmed positive for the virus. There are 716 cases in patients aged 60 to 79, 995 cases in patients 40 to 59, 826 cases in patients 20 to 39, and 68 cases in patients 19 and under.

Yesterday, the province reported the highest daily increase of confirmed COVID-19 cases with 426. Today marks the second highest increase in cases.

All cases reported by the province each morning at 10:30 represent test results received the day before. So today’s 401 new cases were confirmed in test results up to 4 p.m. yesterday (April 1).

Premier Doug Ford had a stern warning for Ontarians at a news conference Wednesday.

"Right now, today, there is very little separating what we will face here in Ontario from the devastation we have seen in Italy and Spain," he said. "We know a surge is coming."

He said it was up to residents in the province to prevent the same scenarios seen in Italy and Spain, where thousands have died from the virus. He urged physical distancing, staying at home, and making sure only one person is going out for essential supply trips.

There are approximately 10,000 confirmed cases in Canada and 936,000 in the world.

Yesterday, Ontario and Quebec were the only provinces to report the daily case increase in the 400s (426 for Ontario, 450 for Quebec). Alberta reported 117 new cases, and the rest of the provinces and territories reported a daily increase in the single or double digits (less than 53).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to give a specific timeline on when the lockdowns and quarantines might be lifted but said Wednesday the measures could last for “weeks or even months.”

He said the duration of strict public health measures will depend on the actions of Canadians and their efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

— With files from Debora Kelly