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People's Party of Canada swaps candidates in Newmarket-Aurora

Candidate Lana Morgan steps down for personal reasons, replaced by Andre Gagnon

Lana Morgan has stepped down as the People’s Party of Canada candidate for the Newmarket-Aurora riding and will be replaced by Andre Gagnon. 

The party made the switch Aug. 24, according to Morgan. Gagnon, a York Energy Centre plant technician, was previously slated to run in the York Centre riding according to the People’s Party of Canada website.

Morgan addressed her withdrawal on Twitter Sept. 2. She said she could not specify the reason for it, but it was her decision.

“I cannot say much about that. It was a personal decision that was caused by certain circumstances,” Morgan said.

Gagnon has worked in the power sector through much of his 41-year career, according to a profile from the People’s Party of Canada. He has also volunteered as a Scout leader and spearheaded a volunteer organization to take over the Remi Ski Hill in Moonbeam.

Morgan said she had a great experience campaigning.

She said she spoke with Gagnon multiple times, and he is a fine candidate.

“Very passionate, very people-oriented. He does care about what’s happening in Canada,” Morgan said. “He is a fantastic individual, very nice to talk to, very laid back.”

Morgan said she is proud of how her party is faring early in the campaign.

“I feel the PPC is raising awareness, and there’s more people relating themselves and their lives and beliefs to the PPC.”